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Deadly clan clashes in Somali Regional State leave three dead, several injured

Thursday July 4, 2024

Jigjiga (HOL) - A violent clash between two clans in the Wardheer district of the Dollo region in the Somali Regional State has resulted in multiple fatalities, according to local reports. At least three people were killed and several others injured in the altercation.

Somali Regional State Information Minister Abdiqadir Rashid confirmed the casualties in an interview with the BBC's Amharic service, stating that security forces responded promptly and managed to bring the situation under control. Ahmed Mohamed, a spokesperson for a local human rights organization, reported that four people, including a woman, died in the clash. The identity of the deceased woman remains unknown.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) condemned the violence in a statement released on Tuesday, urging the government to intervene swiftly to prevent further bloodshed and mediate between the warring clans.

This incident is part of a broader pattern of violence in the Dollo region, where clans frequently conflict over fertile farmland. These disputes often escalate into violence, resulting in significant casualties and ongoing tensions. Historical grievances and previous clan feuds are believed to have fueled the latest clash.

Residents of the Wardheer district have expressed concerns about the cycle of violence and the need for lasting peace and reconciliation efforts. The Somali Regional State has experienced periodic clan conflicts, often exacerbated by competition for resources. As the government and local leaders work to stabilize the area, there is a growing call for sustainable solutions to address the root causes of these disputes.

The Somali Regional State, also known as the Ogaden region, is one of Ethiopia's nine regional states. It has a history of inter-clan conflicts primarily driven by competition for land and resources. The region is predominantly inhabited by ethnic Somalis who share close cultural and familial ties with those in neighbouring Somalia.


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