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Mogadishu vendor killed in family altercation

Friday February 9, 2024


Mogadishu (HOL) -  A domestic dispute turned deadly when a mother and her son allegedly stabbed the family patriarch to death in Mogadishu's Karaan district, local sources reported. The murder, which occurred last night, has alarmed many and become a focal point of discussion among Karaan district residents on Friday morning.

The conflict reportedly started with a physical altercation between the husband and wife, culminating in the husband's assault on his wife. Retaliating, the wife enlisted the help of her elder son, leading to a violent confrontation that resulted in the husband fleeing the scene, only to die from his wounds on the street.

The victim was a well-known local vendor at the Sana intersection, contributing to the livelihood of the Karaan district. His death contributes to a distressing trend of violent fatalities in Mogadishu and the Lower Shabelle region this month.

Local authorities have yet to comment on the latest murder involving family members. 



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