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Government soldier fatally poisoned, strangled by wife in Mogadishu

Friday February 9, 2024


Mogadishu (HOL) - A woman was arrested on Thursday for the suspected murder of her husband, a government soldier named Mohamed Osman Mohamed, in the Dharkeenleey district of Mogadishu. The case marks the latest in a series of violent acts within Somali families, marking the fourth such murder in a span of just a few days.

Authorities reveal that the suspect allegedly poisoned her husband's food before fatally strangling him with a rope. The victim was notably a soldier who had undergone training in Eritrea, highlighting the incident's gravity.

Residents shared their accounts with the media, shedding light on the murder's circumstances. Despite these reports, official confirmation on the method of the killing is pending as police continue their investigation.

The reports add that the murdered man and the woman had only been married for a few days.

A recent surge in domestic violence incidents in Somalia has cast a spotlight on the broader issue of gender-based violence in the nation. Last week, three women fell victim to fatal marriage disputes in different regions, including Mogadishu, the Lower Shabelle region, and the Qoryooley District, sparking protests and calls for urgent action. 



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