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Four Shabaab terror suspects killed in dusk raid, bomb-making materials recovered

Wednesday September 13, 2023

Recovered items after four al Shabaab terror suspects were killed by police in a dusk raid in Garissa county on September 12, 2023

At least four al Shabaab terror suspects were killed in a dusk raid on a hideout in the Harbole-Fafi area in Garissa County.

Multi-agency teams raided their hideout in an ambush and recovered Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) making materials, medicine and other assorted items.

Officials said the raid happened on September 12 evening and stopped a major planned terrorist attack.

The area has been facing insecurity-related incidents. At least six other suspects managed to escape but with injuries, officials said.

This comes in the wake of reports that the terror gang has been sending their members to Kenya in the past month in readiness for an attack.

A number of ambushes have happened in the past two months which left dozens of security agents dead and injured.

The area is near the Kenya- Somalia border where the terrorists cross and launch attacks inland.

On Sunday, the terror group blew up a Kenya Defence Forces technical in Lamu leaving at least 14 soldiers with death-threatening wounds.

A major operation is ongoing in the area to address al-Shabaab-related attacks, which happen because of others, the proximity to the main Kenya-Somalia border.

The area has suffered a series of terrorist attacks.

The state has imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in Salama, Juhudi, Widho Marafa, Mashogoni, and Ukumbi in Lamu West as part of efforts to enhance operations targeting the terrorists who hide in Boni forest.

The terrorists have been attacking places near the Kenyan border by using guns and explosives leaving dozens dead and many injured.

The recent attacks have forced the government to suspend plans to reopen the Kenya-Somalia border.

This has also affected various development projects at large.


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