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A Journey of Hope and Advanced Care: Miroslav's Triumph Over Bladder Cancer

Saturday November 11, 2023

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Pioneering Urological Cancer Treatments at ACIBADEM At ACIBADEM's Department of Urology, a blend of deep expertise, innovative diagnostic methods, and minimally invasive techniques stands at the forefront of combating urological cancers. Our seasoned Urology Team excels in addressing prostate, kidney, bladder cancers, and a wide spectrum of urological disorders.

Understanding Bladder Cancer Bladder cancer, marked by uncontrolled cell growth, ranks among the top five most prevalent cancers globally. Men are thrice as likely to develop this condition as women, making it the fourth most common cancer in men. The aggressive nature of bladder cancer underscores the critical importance of early detection to prevent its spread.

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Tailored Bladder Cancer TreatmentsTreatment strategies are highly individualized, based on cancer's stage. Radical cystectomy, the complete removal of the bladder, is a key treatment for advanced stages. This procedure, however, necessitates innovative solutions for urine storage and elimination.

Innovative Surgical Options: Urostomy and Neobladder

1.    Urostomy: Diverts urine to a stoma bag outside the abdomen, a life-altering adaptation affecting social interactions.

2.    Neobladder: A sophisticated approach using bowel tissues to construct a new bladder, allowing for natural urination. This complex surgery demands exceptional skill and experience.

At ACIBADEM, we prioritize neobladder reconstruction for eligible patients, a technique offered at a select few centers globally.

Miroslav's Inspiring Story Miroslav, a 49-year-old Serbian, faced a daunting diagnosis of bladder cancer, marked by pain and hematuria. Despite consultations in Belgrade and Zagreb, his path to recovery began with ACIBADEM's outreach in Belgrade. Under the guidance of Professor Mustafa Sofikerim, Miroslav opted for treatment at ACIBADEM Hospital in Istanbul.

A Successful Journey to Recovery Miroslav underwent a radical cystectomy followed by neobladder reconstruction. This intricate 6-hour surgery, led by Professor Sofikerim, was a resounding success, obviating the need for further chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Just ten days post-surgery, Miroslav was cancer-free and discharged, embarking on a renewed life journey.

Miroslav Reflects "I'm grateful for this life-altering experience. ACIBADEM has not only treated my cancer but also restored my hope and strength. I'm living cancer-free, with a quality of life I never thought possible."

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