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Puntland interior minister condemns political interference in Garowe elections

Thursday May 25, 2023


Garowe (HOL) - Puntland's Interior Minister, Abdi Farah Saeed Juha, has expressed disappointment that certain politicians, whom he referred to derogatorily, have prevented elections from occurring in Garowe.

Casting his vote in Bosaso, the Interior Minister refuted suggestions of a looming conflict in Garowe and criticized the derailment of negotiation efforts led by Islam Isse Islam Mohammed.

"Four political figures have recklessly meddled with the fate of the people of the Nugal region," Juha, Puntland's Minister of Internal Affairs, declared.

"We worked tirelessly to avert conflict, demonstrated patience, and engaged in good faith dialogue. Islam Isse was our negotiation partner. But our trust was betrayed, and he, too, was misled. We've successfully established peace, and the people of Nugal will get their chance."

Minister Juha announced that Puntland had achieved a significant historic victory, with 30 districts holding peaceful elections.

His statement coincides with a day devoid of elections in Garowe. However, continued efforts are being made to accelerate the election process in Garowe and the remaining two districts.


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