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Controversial livestreamer provokes Tokyo commuters with WWII remarks

Saturday May 20, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) - A contentious episode unfolded on a Tokyo train as JohnnySomali, a notorious livestreamer, targeted passengers with unsolicited remarks regarding World War II. This incident was brought to light after a Korean American individual from Texas stepped in to challenge the harasser.

Footage of the confrontation involving the polarizing content creator circulated across social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. JohnnySomali, who self-identifies on his now-defunct Kick profile as a "Former Child Soldier, Somali Pirate, IRL [in real life] streamer," also had his Twitch channel suspended for contravening the site's guidelines and terms of service.

In a screen capture from the inflammatory livestream, JohnnySomali is depicted instigating an exchange with a perplexed Japanese passenger by referencing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, key events from WWII. JohnnySomali continued to escalate the situation by addressing nearby passengers and making offensive comments about the historical events.

The livestreamer then reverts his focus to the original Japanese man, insisting, "Hiroshima, Nagasaki, you know? … We gonna do again."

As the provocations continued, another passenger, donned in a blue shirt, confronted JohnnySomali, urging him to leave the others alone. A subsequent exchange revealed the man was also an American, from Texas, and of Korean descent. This revelation, however, did not deter JohnnySomali, who then started to reference the Korean War.

Despite the escalating confrontation, the Korean American man maintained his composure, urging JohnnySomali to represent their shared nationality more respectably. He criticized the livestreamer's content, stating, "You're being rude by talking about Hiroshima and whatever. It's like, that's such sh*t content."

Within 24 hours of the incident gaining online traction, JohnnySomali responded with another video on his YouTube channel, seemingly unfazed by the criticism. He argued that his actions were a publicity stunt in support of President Joe Biden's re-election campaign, referencing the upcoming G7 Summit in Japan.

In his own words, JohnnySomali stated, "I decided to bring some publicity to the events that happened 80 years ago. … It was actually patriotic, a little bit… to bring awareness to the tragedy because Joe Biden is coming, and Joe Biden needs our help." Despite these claims, his provocative actions continue to generate a wave of backlash.


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