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Hiiraan governor imposes sanctions on al-Shabab-controlled areas along Shabelle River

Sunday May 7, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - The governor of the Hiiran region, Ali Jeyte Osman, has imposed sanctions on al-Shabab-controlled areas along the Shabelle River between Baledweyne and Buulaburte in the Hiraan region.

Speaking to local media in Beledweyne on Sunday, the governor stated that no vehicle is allowed to leave Beledweyne or Buulaburte carrying food or fuel to the areas along the Shabelle River.

He warned that government forces would confiscate any vehicle that violated the directive.

"The army has orders to completely take over any vehicle caught carrying goods to the areas where the Shabaab are located, around the banks of the Shabelle River. Everyone should now protect their car," said Governor Ali Jeyte.

This move coincides with al-Shabab's presence in areas along the Shabelle River, including Booco, approximately 44 km from Beledweyne.

It is unclear how people can implement the new directives, considering the potentially significant impact on the herders and farmers who live along the Shabelle River, which al-Shabaab still controls.

The governor added that they have a farm in the Halgan district that cannot cultivate when the people of Shabab are cultivating the fields.


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