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Abdulcadir Moalin Ilkacase receives "Exceptional Leader" award in Ottawa tourism

Friday May 5, 2023



Ottawa (HOL) - Abdulcadir M. Moalin Ilkacase, a hospitality expert with 33 years of experience and the Founder of Martisoor Group, recently received the "Exceptional Leader" award at Ottawa Tourism Shine On. Ilkacase was honoured by Canada's Minister of Tourism, Randy Boissonnault, during a Tuesday ceremony at the Canadian Museum of History. The ceremony was attended by Ottawa's Mayor and the President of the Ottawa-Gatineau Tourism Association.

Ilkacase began his career in hospitality after graduating from Algonquin College in the 1990s. He has worked for Marriott-Westin and is currently the Guest Services Manager at Les Suites Hotel in Ottawa, which is recognized as one of the top hotels in the nation's capital for guest satisfaction. Ilkacase received the Star of the City award from the Ottawa Tourism Board in 2018, adding to his impressive list of accomplishments.

Besides his work with Les Suites, Ilkacase operates a private consulting firm, Martisoor Group,  offering expertise in human resources, public speaking, customer relations, employee engagement and development, and business consulting. His extensive background in hospitality has enabled him to help countless individuals by teaching hospitality and tourism at a local college and assisting people entering the field.

Ilkacase's outstanding leadership was acknowledged for his emphasis on guest satisfaction, communication, and responsiveness to guest feedback. He explained his approach, stating, "The business of hospitality is all about your staff, guests, and owners. If you balance those three, your business will be successful." He is passionate about crafting memorable experiences that inspire return visits, adding, "I thrive on creating an experience for a guest that they will remember so they can return."

As part of the award evaluation, Ilkacase participated in an in-person interview with a panel of tourism industry professionals.

In the future, Ilkacase intends to continue sharing his knowledge, expertise, and skills with younger Canadians looking to join the hospitality industry. He also aspires to contribute to the expansion of hospitality and tourism in Somalia, ensuring the sector meets global standards. 

Throughout his career, Ilkacase has been guided by numerous mentors and role models. He credits his achievements to teamwork and staying current with industry trends. Reflecting on his mentors' influence, he said, "I had many mentors over the years to whom I owe my gratitude."


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