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Heavy rainfall in Ethiopia's highlands raises concerns of flooding on Shabelle river

Tuesday March 28, 2023


Beledweyne (HOL) - Residents living alongside the banks of the Shabelle River are worried about extensive flooding after heavy rainfall in Ethiopia's highlands in recent days.

Residents of Godey and other areas in Somalia have reported that the Shabelle River has reached its highest level in years.

The river's water level has risen to 1.25 meters, a height at which experts predict a massive flood could devastate communities over an extensive area.

Flooding from the Shabelle River has already affected many regions in Somalia, inflicting significant damage on agricultural lands.

Beledweyne, a town frequently impacted by flooding from the Shabelle River, has been warned that the current risk is more severe than in the past. Residents are urged to avoid areas prone to flooding.

Despite widespread concern in Ethiopia's Somali region, where the river originates, neither the Somali government nor the Hirshabeelle administration has issued a warning.

In early 2020, a major flood struck the city of Beledweyne, resulting in numerous fatalities and widespread property damage.

Moreover, the destruction of flood dams has further exacerbated the risk of anticipated flooding.


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