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Somali Bantu leader and scholar, Eng. Yarow Sharif Adan, passes away in Cardiff

Saturday March 18, 2023



Cardiff (HOL) - Eng. Yarow Sharif Adan, chairman of the Somali Bantu or Wagosha Cultural and Political Council, passed away in Cardiff, UK, on Friday. He was a scholar who studied at universities in the United Kingdom and Kuwait. Eng. Yarow was also a politician who played a role in the re-establishment of Somalia's government but spent his later years abroad due to his advocacy for the justice of his Bantu community in Jubba. He frequently criticized the Jubaland administration's injustices.

Daoud Aways, Somalia's Minister of Communication, expressed his condolences to Yarow's family, relatives, and the Somali people. He described Eng. Yarow as a well-spoken man who sacrificed his life for his country and people. "Eng Yarow Sharif Aden Mashemba, who passed away last night in Cardiff, Wales, UK, may God have mercy on him. He was an eloquent hero who gave up his life and fortune for the sake of his country and people. Eng Yarow has been a friend for the past twenty years, and we have collaborated extensively," Aways stated.

The Bantu groups of Gosha, Shabelle, Shidle, and Boni, collectively known as (Wa) Gosha (literally, 'people of the forest'), reside in the Lower Juba Valley. The Gosha are the largest non-Somali minority group in the country. They speak a Bantu language and are often referred to as Bantu.


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