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US backs Ethiopia peace agreement in Blinken visit

Thursday March 16, 2023

The meeting is a sign of better relations, which had been strained by the civil war

The US Secretary of State has highlighted the importance of implementing in full the peace agreement between the federal government and Tigrayan forces during lengthy talks with the Ethiopian prime minister.

Antony Blinken said there had to be accountability for atrocities perpetrated by all sides during the two-year conflict and human rights monitors should be given access to areas ravaged by the fighting which was brought to an end last November.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the two men discussed strengthening relations which had cooled during the conflict between federal forces, their Eritrean allies and the Tigrayans.

Mr Blinken, who also met Tigrayan officials, announced a further $330m (£247m) in aid for Ethiopia.


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