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South West regional state President welcomes delegation ahead of National Consultation Forum

Wednesday March 15, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali Prime Minister, Hamsa Abdi Bare, and Mogadishu Mayor, Yusuf Hussein Jimale Madale, were welcomed by the South West regional state President, Abdazis Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen, in Baidoa on Wednesday.

They were in Baidoa, the administrative capital of the South West state, to attend the National Consultation Forum, which is scheduled to begin on Thursday. Other regional leaders are also expected to arrive in Baidoa soon.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is currently visiting Eritrea, is expected to join the leaders during the final days of the conference, according to preliminary reports.

Earlier this month, six senior Somali politicians, including former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and three former Prime Ministers, expressed concern over the potential illegal extension of the mandates of the parliament and presidency.

They warned the federal government leaders that such an extension could cause delays in the government building, political stability, and counter-terrorism efforts.


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