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Somalia remembers fallen Danab commander

Saturday January 21, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali government has sent its condolences to the family of Danab Deputy Commander Major Hassan Mohamed Osman (Hasan Tuure), who was killed in an Al Shabaab attack on a military compound in the Gal'ad district on Friday.

President Mohamud said the late soldier would be remembered as a brave patriot.

"Commander Hassan Ture was martyred during an operation to liberate his country, and he is a hero that history will remember fondly. Somalia will remember him for the integral role he played in eradicating the Khawarij from Somalia. He was a symbol of the liberation of Somalia from the Khawarij, and his leadership role will be filled by other heroes of the Somali National Army who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the defence of their country." said the President.

Tuure was the Deputy Commander of the 16th Danab Brigade, which engaged in dozens of battles with Al Shabaab fighters since the military offensive was launched in late Summer.

Somalia's former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire described Tuurre as "brave" and devoted himself to protecting "the life, wealth and honour of the nation."
“I once again urge the Somali people to unite to eradicate the Kharijite group.” 
A statement from the US embassy said that it would continue "the unfinished work" begun by Hassan Tuure.

"We admire the determination and professionalism of the SNA Danab and their courage to defend the Somali people from the forces of murder and destruction. Maj. Hassan Tuure gave his life for Somalia and its people. Together we continue the unfinished work he so nobly advanced.
Danab Brigade, also known as Lightning Brigade,  is trained and equipped by the United States. It was established in 2014 as part of the U.S. government's effort to strengthen Somali security forces' ability to fight extremist groups like Al Shabaab. 

Al Shabaab killed at least seven other government soldiers in Friday's attack on Gal'ad, El Dheere district , Galgadud, 375km north of Mogadishu. The raid began with a twin-car bomb attack after morning prayers targeting the military base's gates.

The Somali government said it was able to repel the raid, killing over 100 Al Shabaab fighters in the process. 

Friday's attack comes days after the al-Qaeda affiliate lost control of the strategic towns of Haradhere and Gal'ad in central Galmudug state.


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