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Somali security forces carry out sweep against youth gangs in Mogadishu

Monday February 27, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali security services conducted a joint operation in Mogadishu's Karan district on Sunday in response to complaints from residents about increasing insecurity. The operation was carried out by officers from NISA, Duufan, and the Somali Police Force, and it targeted youth gangs in the area that are suspected of engaging in robbery and muggings.

Muhuddin Warb, who commanded the operation, stated that several suspects were apprehended with the help of locals.

Youth gangs in Mogadishu, known as "Ciyaal Weero," have become a serious security concern, according to a governance brief published by Somali Public Agenda in October. These gangs, which consist primarily of teenagers and young adults, operate in the city's peripheral regions and engage in criminal activities such as robbery, extortion, and drug trafficking. They often carry knives, machetes, and guns, and use bright torches to disorient their victims during robberies.

A separate sweep conducted in mid-December resulted in the arrest of 50 suspected members of youth gangs in Mogadishu.

The report suggests that the rise of these youth gangs can be attributed to several factors, including poverty, unemployment, lack of education and opportunities, and weak governance.


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