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Two Somaliland soldiers wounded in attack in Las Anod town, govt says

Monday February 6, 2023

Las Anod (HOL) - At least two Somaliland soldiers were injured when gunmen attacked a Somaliland army base and a hotel where Somaliland Cabinet Ministers in Las Anod lived.

In a press release on Monday morning, the Somaliland Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that the gunmen were organized by the "anti-peace traditional elders," but no one was named.

The statement said that authorities had forewarned the locals about dangerous elements in Las Anod, including terrorists.

The traditional elders meeting in town did not comment on the Somaliland government's latest accusation.

Residents in the El-Afwayn district in the Sanag region took to the streets in protest after a civilian was shot dead by Somaliland security services on Sunday.

Somaliland's specially-trained RRU forces killed a man who locals have identified as Abokor Omar Ali near the district. The police officials did not give any details about the incident.

According to residents, police fired live ammunition to disperse protestors waving the Somali national flag and burning tires on the main roads.


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