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Hiiraan governor opposes Hirshabelle centralized tax collection plan

Wednesday April 12, 2023



Beledweyne (HOL) - Governor of the Hiiraan region in Somalia, Ali Jeyte Osman, has voiced staunch opposition to the HirShabelle administration's proposal to centralize tax collection from the Hiiraan region to the Hirshabelle Ministry of Finance's treasury in Jowhar, Middle Shabelle. This development occurs against a backdrop of persistent political tensions between the two regions, both constituents of the federal state of Hirshabelle.

On Monday, the deputy governor of the Hiiraan region and members of the regional administration held a press conference in Beledweyne to unveil plans to consolidate the state's tax administration and transfer taxes from Hiiraan to the Hirshabelle Ministry of Finance's treasury. 

Governor Ali Jeyte's office subsequently issued a statement addressing political security concerns, taxes in the Hiiraan region, and the State Ministry of Finance's proposal. The governor argued that the plan would potentially undermine the fight against the terrorist group Al-Shabaab by reallocating vital resources.

Governor Ali Jeyte advocated for a transparent budget underpinned by accountability to manage the region's finances and advance the second phase of counter-terrorism efforts. He emphasized prioritizing security and economic recovery while preserving national unity.

The statement also underscored the significance of supporting local Ma'awisley forces that defend HirShabelle areas, particularly in the Hiiraan region. These forces are solely reliant on funds generated from the Beledweyne district tax.

A source has indicated that Governor Ali Jeyte's scheduled press conference to discuss the tax situation in the Hiiraan region was cancelled. The cancellation is believed to be connected to ongoing negotiations between the Governor and the President of HirShabelle, Ali Guudlawe.


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