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Puntland opposition candidates to announce alliance against regional president

Monday October 9, 2023

Garowe (HOL) - Several candidates vying for the presidency of the Puntland regional state have converged in Garowe to announce a political alliance to challenge the incumbent regional leader, Said Abdullahi Deni.

According to the candidates and their supporters, they intend to meet in Garowe on Tuesday despite facing pressure from security forces. They have accused President Deni of failing to bring about any meaningful change compared to the previous clan-based elections.

The former finance minister of Puntland and one of the prominent candidates, Hassan Shire Abgaal, asserted that President Deni's term has ended and that his leadership has placed Puntland in a precarious position.

"We have seen the recent security challenges in places like Bosaso and Galkayo and a perceived weakening of security in Garowe, along with alleged neglect of the army, Abgaal stated.

However, President Deni, who has less than three months remaining in his term, remains resolute in his commitment to conducting a one-person, one-vote election on January 8, 2024. Opposition politicians have threatened to unilaterally organize an election if Deni fails to achieve a consensus election early next year.


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