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Farmajo praises Puntland's democratic progress amid political turmoil

Wednesday May 24, 2023

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in 2019.Credit..Jerome Delay/Associated Press

Garowe (HOL) - In the midst of escalating electoral tensions, former Somali President  Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo commended Puntland residents for their commitment to direct elections ahead of impending local council elections.

Farmajo, who once saw himself in a similar standoff against Puntland's President Said Abdullahi Deni, took to his official Facebook page to laud Puntland's commitment to direct elections. 

"This process of implementing direct elections in Puntland exemplifies the Somali people's keenness to elect their leaders via the ballot box. We have already made significant strides towards this, and we aim for it to extend to all regions of our nation, both at federal and state levels," Farmajo said in a statement published on his official Facebook page.

During their respective bids for the presidency, Deni was one of Farmaajo's most outspoken critics. They've had a contentious history marked by vehement disagreements and political wrangling.

As Puntland inches towards its local council elections, the echoes of Farmaajo's term extension crisis serve as a reminder of the challenges ahead. President Deni now grapples with internal disputes within his own administration. With the upcoming local council elections scheduled to take place on Thursday, Deni's leadership faces mounting opposition and skepticism.

An opposition group, firmly rejecting any plans for an extended duration of the local council elections, demands transparency from President Deni on the forthcoming Puntland presidential election in January 2024. They insist on Deni addressing the future presidential election's uncertainties before any conversation on the local council elections.

The rift between Deni's administration and its critics sets a contentious stage for the upcoming local council elections. 

Despite the political turmoil, the international community also commended Puntland's determination to deliver local polls. 

"The partners believe that Puntland's experience with direct elections has the potential to inform and inspire the expansion of democracy across Somalia at all levels of government. The partners remain committed to supporting Somalia's process of democratization."


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