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Somali forces capture four al-Shabab members, kill one leader

Sunday May 21, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali government forces successfully apprehended four members of the notorious military insurgent group, al-Shabab, during a strategic operation in the small town of Towfiq, according to Somali National Television.

Towfiq, which lies just 15 kilometres north of the Gal'ad district, became the stage for this significant maneuver on Saturday, a key part of a larger, ongoing offensive against the dangerous group. The operation wasn't without challenge, as an unexpected ambush by al-Shabab militants quickly turned into a chase, culminating in the detention of four group members.

Mahad Agadub, identified as the head of the Zakawat collection for multiple villages within the Galgadud region and a leading figure within al-Shabab, was among those targeted during the mission. In the ensuing chaos, Agadub attempted a desperate 3-kilometre escape. Unfortunately for him, the combination of a heart attack and a gunshot wound proved fatal.

The quartet of captured al-Shabab operatives is now in custody, set to face the full weight of justice for their involvement in extremist activities. 

Somalia's information ministry disclosed that a separate security sweep in Somalia's Lower Shabelle region eliminated at least 44 al-Shabaab fighters last week. The operation spearheaded by the national intelligence and security agency with support from Somalia's international partners near the outskirts of Kurtowarey, a small town.


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