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Police chief warns of people planning to disrupt Puntland elections

Sunday May 14, 2023

Garowe (HOL) - Puntland's police chief, Mumin Abdi Shire, has pledged to take action against individuals attempting to disrupt the upcoming local council elections in Puntland.

Speaking to the media in Garowe on Saturday, the police chief stated their intention to safeguard the election from anyone, be it a politician, a businessman, or anyone seeking to incite chaos. The chief emphasized that the police are aware of individuals planning to organize militias and assault election sites, and they take responsibility for any outcomes.

"Our message is crystal clear. We will confront anyone who opens fire at us. The public should feel confident in casting their votes. We will strive to ensure that even if the election is attacked, it does not impact the voting process," he added.

The statement of the Puntland police chief came a day after the former finance minister of Puntland, Hassan Shire Abgaal, threatened to oppose what he called President Deni's greed.

Puntland state leaders accused Hassan Shire Abgaal and other politicians of organizing riots against local government elections on May 25, which are expected to take place in 37 districts of Puntland.

Prominent politicians, including former Puntland Presidents Abdirahman Faroole and Abduwali Gaas, are boycotting the polls, citing mismanagement. Hassan Shire Abgaal, once a close ally of Deni, warned that President Deni would face consequences that could jeopardize the election scheduled for January 8, 2024.

Last week, Prime Minister Hamza emphasized that the federal government would not accept an election that could harm Puntland. He suggested that people should have free elections, but if it leads to Puntland's destruction, it should be done in an agreed-upon manner.


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