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NISA-led operation eliminates 44 Al-Shabaab members in southern Somalia

Saturday May 13, 2023


FILE - NISA Officers in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali National Intelligence and Security Forces, together with international partners, killed 44 Al-Shabaab militants in an operation in the Ali Fuuto area of Kurtun Waarey district, according to Somalia's Ministry of Information.

The sweep, which specifically targeted the trenches in Ali Fuuto, a known congregation point for militants, was the result of 12 months of meticulous planning by the National Intelligence Service (NISA). It resulted in the elimination of Al-Shabaab fighters and their leaders, as well as the destruction of their trenches.

This operation comes on the heels of a meeting of key figures, including the commander of the multinational frontline coalition General Mohamed Ali Barise, and the Kenyan Ambassador to Somalia, Thomas Chepkuto, to accelerate operations against Al-Shabaab. 

Five Al-Shabaab militants were killed in a separate operation in the Lower Shabelle region on Thursday.

According to Somalia's Ministry of Information, the first phase of this offensive reclaimed about one-third of the territory under Al-Shabaab control, killed over 3,000 militants, and injured more than 3,700 others.

Backed by clans and international allies, the Somali Army's second offensive hopes to push deeper into al-Shabaab's southern strongholds in Jubaland. Security experts expect Al-Shabaab is unlikely to continue its strategy to overrun forward bases to deny government forces advance posts to continue their offensive in the next six months.


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