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Unconfirmed casualties as gunfire rings out in Eerigabo ahead of May 18 festivities

Saturday May 13, 2023


Eerigabo (HOL) - During a brief outburst of violence, gunshots echoed through the typically restive city of Eerigabo on Friday evening and into Saturday morning. Reports indicate that there may have been casualties and injuries.

Although details remain murky, the disturbance was reportedly sparked either by an unidentified group opening fire on a police vehicle in the bustling market district or by a group of youths hoisting a flag not representing Somaliland. The latter incident allegedly incited a reaction from other youths preparing for the May 18th festivities.

There are unconfirmed reports of casualties and injuries resulting from the clashes between the police and the dissenting youths. However, no independent sources have corroborated these claims.

The Somaliland Police have yet to release a statement concerning the origin of the disruptions.


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