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Former Puntland finance minister warns of consequences if Deni meddles with election date

Saturday May 13, 2023



Garowe (HOL) - Hassan Shire Abgaal, Puntland's former Finance Minister, has issued a warning to President Deni, cautioning against the postponement of the 2024 presidential election without an amendment to the state constitution.

In a press conference in Garowe on Friday, Abgaal stated that President Deni would face repercussions should he attempt to enact measures that might jeopardize the election scheduled for January 8, 2024.

The former Minister of Finance expressed willingness to support Puntland's democratization, provided President Deni engages in dialogue with his group. However, he made it clear that without such discussions, he would oppose the elections in Puntland.

He explained to opposition leaders that while they have no objection to the recent local government elections in Puntland, they staunchly oppose any suggestion to modify the constitution or prolong President Deni's term.

"We urge anyone with influence to bring Saeed Deni to the negotiation table to address the two contentious issues - the constitution and the election date on January 8. If these issues are resolved, there will be no discord," stated Hassan Shire Abgaal.


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