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Title 42 expiry triggers migrant crisis: San Diego's Somali Family Service appeals for emergency funding

Friday May 12, 2023



San Diego (HOL) - With the lifting of the public health order Title 42, Somali Family Services (SFS) of San Diego has raised a call for immediate emergency funding. The organization aims to address the projected surge in migrants, many originating from Somalia.

Enacted in March 2020, Title 42 was a pandemic-era protocol that restricted asylum claims at the border to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Its expiration on May 11 has left organizations like SFS preparing for an influx of migrants seeking assistance.

SFS, established over 20 years ago, has been a critical support system for refugees and immigrants. However, the organization is anticipating an unprecedented strain on its resources due to the lifting of Title 42.

Ahmed Sahid, the president and CEO of SFS, painted a grim picture of the desperate conditions that drive individuals and families to migrate. "Desperate individuals and families survived danger, violence, injury, starvation and dehydration β€” and other brutal conditions too graphic to describe β€” to reach this country," Sahid said.

The non-profit's culturally and linguistically diverse staff, including case managers and community health workers, are working tirelessly to manage the humanitarian crisis. However, Sahid warned, "without funding, our capacity to serve the increasing masses of migrants who seek us out is unsustainable."

According to Sahid, emergency funding is critically needed to deliver vital services to migrants. These encompass emergency shelters, food, infant diapers, hygiene products, clothing, language interpretation and translation, technical support, transportation, medical care through mobile health clinics, legal aid, and trauma-informed care.

Sahid also emphasized the need for a coordinated effort with stakeholders throughout San Diego to address the impending crisis. "A collaborative approach is the best solution. However, as it stands now, we face a humanitarian crisis which overburdens our county's resources and leaves people to wander from neighbourhood to neighbourhood without resource navigation and support services," he said.

Those wishing to support the SFS in their endeavour can donate at: bit.ly/migrantdonation.


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