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Banadir administration bans shisha amid crackdown in Mogadishu

Monday May 1, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Mogadishu Mayor and Governor of Banadir Region, Yusuf Hussein Jim'ale Madale, has announced a crackdown on recreational establishments where young people smoke shisha and reportedly use recreational drugs. The decision comes after the mayor met with local business owners whose businesses were raided by Mogadishu police last week.

The Mayor has ordered that lounges in Mogadishu close by midnight. He further stated that the recently shuttered businesses were used for drug consumption and other immoral vices. The mayor’s office also claimed the lounges operated with fake or expired licenses.

Somalia’s state media reported that business owners who attended the meeting with the Banadir Governor welcomed the administration's new directives.

However, at least one business owner said the government overstepped its legal boundaries by raiding and destroying her shop.

Manar Moalin, the owner of three Mogadishu businesses that were shut down, including Posh Treats, said, “The Banadir administration targeted my business centers in the capital, causing me a loss of $20,000. The security personnel destroyed properties, tortured staff, and stole cell phones, two land documents, and gold. My business centers, Posh Treats, Mogadishu Palm Hotel, and Ka Sheekee restaurant, were attacked.”

Last week, the Banadir regional administration revoked several business licenses in Mogadishu after anti-drug operations led by the Mayor in the capital. However, the administration did not mention the names of the closed businesses.

The incident comes amid a growing problem of drug abuse and the rise of youth gangs in Mogadishu.

Additionally, a video was circulated last week on social media showing Mayor Madale caning young men and women at Liido Beach. The footage sparked widespread outrage and condemnation. In defence of his actions, Madale claimed that the individuals were using drugs and engaging in debauchery.


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