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SSC-Khatumo vows to defend Las Anod amid new offensive war declared by Somaliland

Monday March 27, 2023

SSC traditional elders committee spokesman, Abdirizak Mohamed Hassan

Las Anod (HOL) - The 33-member SSC elders' committee spokesman, Abdirizak Mohamed Hassan, stated that the SSC forces are ready for the new offensive war announced by Somaliland on Sunday.

According to the spokesman, the Somaliland's army launched a multi-directional attack on the city of Las Anod on Sunday morning at 9:30. The primary objective of the attack was to recapture parts of the city. 

He added that the Somaliland forces were repelled in all directions.

In response to the military decision announced by the Somaliland military on Sunday, the spokesman stated that he did not think Somaliland would launch a larger attack than Sunday's battle. He also called on the international community to reign in Somaliland from attacking the civilians in Las Anod town.

General Said Shoodhe, the commander of the SSC forces, said they would win the war despite the new shift in strategy by Somaliland. Speaking to a local online television channel, the commander believed Somaliland's ceasefire plan was a deception.

Shoodhe said there are no active Puntland or other Somali government troops in Las Anod, though there are former Somali army officers and some Puntland clan militias.

SSC spokesman Abdirizak Mohamed Hassan and Commander Shoodhe said they would respect a ceasefire if the Somaliland forces withdraw to Aynaba, saying that the rest territory belongs to the people of SSC.

The military spokesperson Somaliland administration, Abdi Abdullahi Hassan Abdi Dheere, announced on Sunday that they would begin to launch offensive attacks against the SSC Khatumo forces in Las Anod.

The announcement coincided with Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi's visit to the military's national headquarters in Hargeisa, where senior security officials briefed him on the Las Anod conflict.

Over 200 people have died, 1,500 have been injured, and nearly 200,000 have been displaced as a result of the Las Anod conflict, which began in early February.


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