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Tigray rebels deny forming interim government

Monday March 6, 2023

The TPLF formed a transitional committee as part of last year's peace deal

Ethiopia's Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) rebels have denied establishing a transitional administration in the northern region in accordance with the peace agreement signed in November last year.

A local news website reported that the TPLF had finalised the process of forming a 28-member interim regional administration, which needed approval by the federal government.

However, TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda said the Tigray interim administration would only be established after mutual consultations between the parties to the Pretoria agreement.

"Reports of the [transitional government] having been established in Tigray without Addis’ involvement flies in the face of reality. Tigray is only trying to do its part," Mr Getachew tweeted on Sunday.

Major political parties in the region have been calling for an inclusive interim government to steer the region as it tries to recover from the devastating civil war.

Last month, the opposition parties in Tigray boycotted a conference on the formation of an interim government, accusing the TPLF of monopolising the process.


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