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Hirshabelle minister calls for federal intervention in resurgent clan conflict

Tuesday July 18, 2023

Jowhar (HOL) - Minister of the Interior for the Hirshabelle administration, Abdi Dahir Guure Karore, has urgently called upon the Federal Government of Somalia to intervene in a resurging clan conflict in the Middle Shabelle region, emphasizing the severe impact on local residents. The dispute, increasingly intense between the districts of Raagge Ceelle and Adale, involves two local clan militias.

Karore stated that his administration had been actively mediating over the past few days to resolve the ongoing hostilities between the fraternal clans residing in Raage Elle and Adale. His attempts to bring peace have involved dialogue with the elders of the two communities.

In a separate appeal, the Minister of Reconciliation for the Hirshabelle administration, Abdullahi Adde, called for an immediate and unconditional halt to the conflict. Speaking on his behalf regarding the renewed discord, he demanded that the Federal Government take action against the clan militias involved in the dispute.


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