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Ma'wisley launch counterattack on al Shabaab in central Somalia

Tuesday January 31, 2023


Beledweyne (HOL) - Residents in Galgadud region's Wabho village reported heavy clashes between al Shabab and local clan militia forces near the Elgorof area.

The fighting broke out after al Shabab attacked a clan militia base at Goobo village in Hiiraan's Mahas district. After the attack, the clan militia forces withdrew their fighters and advanced to Elgorof village, where the al Shabab had a military base.

Residents said that the clan militia launched a counterattack on al Shabaab fighters in Elgorof after they were ambushed in Goobo village.

According to reports, the fighting was intense and involved different calibre weapons, but they did not know the official casualties.

Military observers said that rapid response counterattack was a new tactic that has been deployed against al Shabaab, which is accustomed to hit-and-run style attacks without being pursued. 


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