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Galmudug bans khat use to speed up Al Shabab offensive

Thursday January 26, 2023

Dhuusamareeb (HOL) - The Galmudug Ministry of Internal Security has announced a ban on the importation of khat into areas where government security forces are fighting against al Shabaab.

The Ministry of Defense has warned Khat traders in all recently liberated areas, including Harardhere, Eeldheer, and Gal'ad.

"The Galmudug government will seize the car carrying Khad, and the Khad will be burned. According to the press release, the driver of this vehicle will be prosecuted ".

The Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that Khat is a major impediment to the ongoing operation. Khat is a serious issue as it can lead to impaired judgment, decreased productivity, and addiction. It can also lead to disciplinary problems and negatively impact the military's effectiveness.

The Ministry of Defense recently stated that soldiers purchase ammunition to exchange Khad.

Al Shabab typically conducts its attacks early in the morning, while government forces are reportedly still wired from the previous night's chewing session.


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