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Banadir regional admin to resume collecting property taxes

Thursday January 19, 2023


Mogadishu (HOL) - The Banadir Regional Administration has announced that they will resume collecting property taxes on homes in Mogadishu, which was suspended since October 2022.

Salah Dhere, a Banadir regional administration spokesman, told reporters on Thursday that residential homes and apartments will be charged property tax.

"Starting today, Thursday, 19th of January, 2023, the Banadir regional administration will resume the collection of the tax on houses and apartments in Mogadishu, which was previously suspended in October of the year ended 2022." 

Dhere also called on the owners of damaged houses in Mogadishu to rebuild their properties to revitalize and rejuvenate the city.

Since the formation of the Federal Government of Somalia in 2012, the government has been working to establish a functioning tax system. In Mogadishu, the local government has been tasked with collecting property taxes from residents and businesses in the city. Despite the ongoing security challenges, the local government has made progress in registering properties and issuing tax bills to property owners.

Despite this, many residents and businesses are not paying their taxes. Many residents and businesses are hesitant to register their properties and pay taxes due to fear of reprisals from armed insurgency groups 


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