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Garhajis community says President Muse Bihi is responsible for violence in Las Anod

Monday February 20, 2023

Hargeisa (HOL) - The Garhajis community has condemned the violence in Las Anod, which has killed over 170 people, over 500 people have been injured, and more casualties are expected as the fighting continues.

Following days of meetings, the traditional elders of the community held a press conference in Hargeisa on Sunday to emphasize that the government of Muse Bihi Abdi is responsible for killing unarmed civilians.

"The community has decided not to participate in the peace talks proposed by the President. The community believes that the proposed peace talks need to meet the conditions of traditional peace talks and cannot guarantee that Muse Bihi will respect any peace agreement. In addition, Las Anod is being shelled daily and cannot host any peace talks."

The community advised that fighting should cease immediately and that fighting forces should be separated safely. The Somaliland administration should withdraw its troops from Las Anod, and there should be no barriers to humanitarian aid for displaced civilians.

Former Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed applauded the Garhajis community's decision to the violence in Las Anod.

"The decisions made by the Garhajis community are a clear example that brotherly communities want to live in peace with each other. I trust that the decisions and recommendations made by the community will provide an opportunity for peace and coexistence among the brothers."

The former President urged the Somaliland administration and SSC-Khatumo to heed the call of the Garhajis community's traditional elders and refrain from shedding blood during the holy months when our religion prohibits the shedding of Muslim blood.

According to the UN's emergency response agency, clashes have forced more than 185,000 people to flee their homes in a contested border town in Somalia's breakaway region of Somaliland.

Somaliland has claimed independence from Somalia since 1991 but has never been recognized internationally. It is often seen as a beacon of stability in a chaotic region.


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