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Jubbaland state says it foiled al-Shabab attack in Lower Jubba region

Sunday February 12, 2023

Kismayo (HOL) - At least six Jubbaland Darwish forces were wounded in an al Shabab attack on an army base in the Afmadow district of the Lower Jubba region on Saturday morning.

The commander of the Jubbaland Darwish army forces for the Afmadow district, Mahad Mohamed Islam, said that the regional forces foiled the al-Shabab attack by exploding one of two explosive-laden trucks before it reached its target.

"We resisted the terrorist group's attack. So the enemy didn't do what they wanted because the first truck bomb exploded in a deserted area outside the camp, and the second one was hit with a rocket outside the district," Commander Mahad Mohamed Islam stated.

The commander added that the al-Shabab group, which launched the attack, had suffered the most casualties and that Jubbaland forces had shot and killed many al-Shabaab members. Still, he did not reveal the official number of al-Shabab casualties.

The attack on the Afmadow district began with two car explosions, followed by intense fighting between regional forces and militants.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming that its militants targeted an army base where officials from the government and Jubbaland forces were meeting, causing casualties and injuries.


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