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Two Chinese naval escort taskforces launch joint training exercise

English--People's Daily Online
Tuesday February 7, 2023

The picture shows a ship-borne helicopter heading out on patrol during a joint escort training exercise by China’s 42nd and 43rd naval escort taskforces on February 3, 2023.

BEIJING, Feb. 6 -- From February 3 to 4, local time, the Chinese 42nd and 43rd naval escort taskforces carried out a multi-subject joint training exercise in the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somali.

At 9:00 am on February 3, the comprehensive supply ship Kekexilihu (Hull 903) of the 42nd Chinese naval escort taskforce acted as a merchant ship. Ship Huainan (Hull 123) and ship Rizhao (Hull 598) of the 42nd escort taskforce, and the ship Nanning (Hull 162), ship Sanya (Hull 574) and ship Weishanhu (Hull 887) of the 43rd escort taskforce were deployed around the simulated merchant ship and kept on high alert.

During the joint escort exercise, the two escort taskforces took turns to undertake command. They maintained close coordination, kept in touch with the "merchant ship" in real time, and conducted multiple anti-terrorism and anti-piracy drills. The guided missile destroyer Huainan also sent a ship-borne helicopter to patrol forward.

It is learned that the 42nd Chinese naval escort taskforce has completed escort tasks for 29 Chinese and foreign ships in 20 batches when on duty. Next, the two taskforces will hold a handover ceremony in waters of the Gulf of Aden, after which the 43rd Chinese naval escort taskforce is to independently carry out the following escort tasks.

(Web editor: Zhong Wenxing, Liang Jun)


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