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President Mohamud to conclude South West reconciliation conference

Saturday February 4, 2023

Baidoa (HOL) – A delegation led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud arrived in Baidoa on Friday night, where the second phase of the South West reconciliation conference is taking place.

President Mohamud's visit to Baidoa is his second in less than two weeks to ensure the success of the reconciliation meeting in Baidoa, in which opposition figures and regional state leaders are discussing elections, according to sources.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is expected to conclude the meeting after the parties agree this week.

So far, leaders of the Southwest regional states and opposition groups have reached a settlement over the clash in late December that killed over ten people in Baidoa.

At least ten people were killed in Baidoa on December 23 after Southwest security forces and militia loyal to regional opposition candidates clashed at the home of former federal finance minister Mohamed Adan Ibrahim Fargeti, where opposition-loyal militia gathered.


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