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SCC-Khatumo forces capture key military bases from Somaliland army

Friday August 25, 2023

Las Anod (HOL) - SSC-Khatumo forces have captured two strategic military bases on the outskirts of Las Anod town following a fierce clash between the Somaliland army and SCC forces on a Friday morning.

A military official spoke for the SCC-Khatumo administration told local reporters that the SCC forces had seized control of Gojacade and Maraaga bases, where the Somaliland army had been previously utilized to launch mortar shells toward Las Anod town.

"We are now captured Gojacade base, and with the blessings of Allah, victory was bestowed upon us this morning. The Somaliland army has retreated towards the Goodi areas. Our current position marks their central command base in the Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions," stated the official.

SCC-Khatumo displayed prisoners and army vehicles they captured from the Somaliland forces. Gojacade was the biggest base for Somaliland forces in the disputed Las Anod town.

According to residents, the conflict that erupted early in the morning inflicted heavy casualties on both sides. Still, it was the first time successfully taking control of these strategically significant bases.

The Somaliland government has yet to issue an official response to these claims of triumph made by the administration governing Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions collectively known as SCC-Khatumo.

On Wednesday, the Somaliland administration and the SCC-Khatumo administration accused each other of starting Tuesday's heavy fighting in the disputed Las Anod town, resulting in casualties whose identities remained undisclosed.


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