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One police officer injured in a clash between police and drug addicts in Garowe town

Sunday August 20, 2023

Garowe (HOL) - At least one police officer was injured in a clash between police and an armed group of drug addicts at a police station in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland State, on Saturday night.

Deputy Commander of the Nugaal region police command, Mohamud Bile Fardaful, accused the armed men under the leadership of the former Danab commando force, Colonel Jim'ale Takar, of being responsible for the clash.

According to Commander, the confrontation came when the armed group brought a civilian to the station, whom they had subjected to torture. They argued that the civilian, who was driving a car, had collided with their vehicle.

Fardaful emphasized that a dispute between the police and the armed group over the civilian's case escalated, leading the gunmen to open fire on the officers stationed at the police station.

In response, the deputy police commander for the Nugal region pledged that the gunmen responsible for the incident would be brought to justice.

The city of Garowe has fallen victim to a surge in armed robberies, with assailants perpetrating acts of violence, including murder and robbery, during the night.


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