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Drunken passenger arrested after attacking crew during flight to Mogadishu

Friday April 28, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - Turkish authorities have arrested a Somali passenger for attacking a cabin crew during a Thursday flight from Istanbul to Mogadishu.

According to reports, the incident occurred onboard flight TK-646.

The flight took off from Istanbul Airport at 2:00 am and, as the plane entered Egyptian airspace, the Somali passenger, allegedly intoxicated, began disturbing other passengers.

Flight attendants attempted to intervene, and the passenger accused him of being drunk and then assaulted one of the crew members.

As a result, the captain of the Boeing 737-8 MAX decided to return to Turkish airspace and make an emergency landing at Antalya Airport.

The passenger was restrained on the plane with plastic handcuffs and arrested upon landing at 6:00 am.


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