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“India, Somalia have historical relations, we want to strengthen our collaboration”, Somalia Health Minister

Friday April 28, 2023


Somalia Health Minister Dr Ali Haji Adan (Photo/ANI)

New Delhi [India] (ANI): The Health ministers and delegates from various countries are in the national capital to participate in the 6th edition of the ‘Advantage Healthcare India’ event, which aims to promote ‘Medical Value Travel’ in the country.

During a visit to one of the private hospitals in Delhi, Somalia Health Minsiter, Dr Ali Haji Adan, told ANI, “We have historical relations between Somalia and the Indian govt. A large number of Somali people come to India for medical purposes. We want to strengthen collaboration with India.”

The Deputy Health Minister of Egypt, Dr Ahmed Hussein Shehata Elsobky on his visit to Apollo Hospital said that his meeting was fruitful and will pave the way for cooperation between India and Egypt.

“We saw the latest technology, and a lot of advancements have been made. Technology is at the heart of the hospital, we would like to have MoUs with the hospital to train our people from Egypt. The meeting was quite fruitful, it will pave the way for cooperation between India and Egypt,” he told ANI.

Sugiyanto, the Director of the Health Ministry, in Indonesia, also visited Medanta Hospital in Gurugram on Thursday.

Speaking to ANI, during his visit, he said, “I will recommend to my friends in Indonesia that India has sophisticated hospitals and talented doctors.”

He further said, “I saw sophisticated equipment. In India, there are a lot of specialities. for transplant, patients can come here and experts from India can go to Indonesia for training purposes in order to improve the specialities of both the countries.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the event ‘Advantage Healthcare India 2023’, a G20 co-branded event on Wednesday.

“India’s ancient vision of Health was Universal. Today, when we say ‘One Earth, One Health’, it is the same thought in action,” Prime Minister said while inaugurating the event.

PM Modi also highlighted India’s strength of ‘Talent, Technology, Track Record and Tradition’.

“When it comes to talent, the world has seen the impact of Indian doctors. Both in India and outside, our doctors are widely respected for their competence and commitment,” PM Modi added.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya also addressed the event saying, “As the ‘Voice of the global south’, we aspire for a better future – a future where healthcare is service and not commerce.”

“A 3-day seminar on the theme ‘Medical Value Travel’ was organized today. Representatives from 73 countries have arrived to attend it. Country-to-country, country-to-company, hospital-to-hospital MoUs are being done and I am hopeful that in coming days India will be the most favorable destination for medical value travel,” Mansukh Mandaviya said.

The health ministers from countries like Bangladesh, Armenia, Bhutan, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Maldives, Nigeria, Russia and Somalia participated in the summit.

The health ministers were accompanied by dignities and delegates from government and private hospitals and medical facilitators. (ANI)


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