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Puntland Regional State issues warning for heavy rains

Wednesday April 26, 2023

Garowe (HOL) -  Puntland Regional State issued a warning forecasting heavy rains from April 24th to April 30th in several areas, including Qardho, Qandala, Ufayn and Almiskad mountains.

According to a press release from the Puntland Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management on Wednesday, the districts mentioned above will likely experience torrential rainfall. The Ministry also indicated rains along the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea in Puntland.

The Ministry has advised the communities to be cautious and aware of local drainage areas in both rural and urban areas.

The district of Qardho is the most vulnerable, having been hit by conflict and heavy rains in the past two years. As a result, the area is greatly concerned about potential flooding.

Qardho is situated in a water channel, and the floods of the last two years have caused significant damage to the district infrastructure, resulting in many people becoming homeless after their properties were destroyed.


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