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Mandera family in agony after losing 5-year-old child following flash floods

Wednesday April 26, 2023

Rain is seen as a sign of blessing from above but can be catastrophic when it becomes too much.

People in Mandera County left homeless after heavy rain flood their houses. Photo: Kenya News Agency. Source: UGC

Over 2,000 people displaced by floods 

A family is in despair after losing their five-year-old little one following heavy rainfall on Sunday, April 23. 

The heavy downpour descended on their poorly built house and flooded their only infrastructure, rendering them homeless. 

The family in Mandera East joined close to 2,000 people who were displaced following the downpour in the semi-arid region. 

Family sleeping as rain descends 

According to the painfully heartbroken relative of the little one, the baby was swept away by the raging floods that hit the area. 

"We were sleeping when suddenly our houses were flooded. The running water from the hills in Somalia swept through our village, destroying houses, and that is how we lost our child," said Ali Hassan, a resident of Bulla Kamor in Mandera town. 

As reported by Nation Africa, the unfortunate event came after a long drought in the land that proved to be devastating. 

The disastrous events have affected close to nine locations in Mandera East, with many families adversely affected. 

Mandera governor addresses floods in county Mandera Governor Mohamed Adan Khalif assured a disaster response committee had been formed to address the dire situation. 

"We have also formed a public awareness committee to inform residents about the current flooding and stagnant water in various areas. We have been experiencing drought all over the county, and now we have floods. We have convened the County Disaster Steering Committee and are looking for ways to respond quickly to the flooding. 

"I urge residents of Mandera town to be vigilant as the government and non-state actors are working round the clock to assist. Parents must keep a close watch on their children as we are experiencing flooding," he said.

12-year-old girl swept away by floods

In similar heartbreaking news, a Kangemi pregnant mum watched her 12-year-old daughter swept away by floods. 

On Thursday, March 23, Esther was awakened by the thundering sound of rainwater tearing through their house in Kangemi. 

As she scanned around, she noticed that the raging water was carrying away her 12-year-old daughter Ashley Nyaboke who was asleep. She struggled to hold on, but being pregnant and with injuries from falling objects, the water got the better of her, so she watched as the teen was swept away.


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