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Mogadishu nurse murdered over mobile phone by armed gang

Wednesday April 19, 2023

Mogadishu (HOL) - A young nurse named Na'imo Abdirahman was murdered on Tuesday by a group of armed criminals in the Juungal neighbourhood of Yaqshid district in Mogadishu. She worked at Madina Hospital in the city.

The criminals reportedly killed her over her phone, which they attempted to steal. When she resisted and held onto her phone, the assailants shot her. The group, said to be using a Bajaj motorcycle, quickly fled the scene. Security forces arrived shortly after the incident but could not apprehend the criminals.

The tragic incident occurs at a time when security in Mogadishu has seen some improvement following the transfer of security responsibilities to highly trained special forces and a weapons ban within the city limits.  However, Mogadishu still struggles with youth gangs known as "Ciyaal Weero," which have emerged in the city's peripheral areas. These gangs engage in criminal activities such as robbery, extortion, and drug trafficking, often using weapons like knives, machetes, and firearms.

Factors contributing to the rise of youth gangs include poverty, unemployment, lack of education and opportunities, and weak governance. Some government soldiers are also believed to have joined gangs with guns, participating in robberies and sharing the loot. Firearms are easily obtainable in Mogadishu, further exacerbating the situation.



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