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Clan elder from Hiiraan shot dead in Mogadishu for the second time this week

Wednesday September 21, 2022


Mogadishu (HOL) - Gunmen in the Dharkeenley district shot and killed a clan elder on Tuesday night.

The murder marked the second time a clan elder from Hiiraan was killed by armed men.

According to residents, Abdullahi Nur Garad Seefle was killed when at least two young men armed with pistols shot him several times in his torso before escaping.

Elmi, a clan elder from Hiiraan, told the media that the al Shabaab militants were responsible for the murder.

"The assassination of Nabadon Abdullahi Nur Garad Seefle, one of Hawadle's clan peacekeepers, is the work of Al-Shabaab, which has already stated that they will kill the scholars and elders of clans that rise against them.

Elmi said the assassination illustrates that al Shabaab fears the clans organizing against them.

In a similar attack last Wednesday, suspected Al Shabaab assassins shot and killed Hussein Hayow, a clan mediator or peacemaker from the Hiiraan region.

The Somali national army has joined forces with clan militias known as Ma'awisley in central Somalia, who have mobilised against al Shabaab.

The military claims that over 100 al-Shabab militants were killed during weekend offensives to retake territory in the Hiiraan region.


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