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SNA kills 43 Al Shabaab fighters in Hiiraan

Sunday September 18, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somalia's military said it killed 43 Al Shabaab fighters during an operation in the Aborey area in central Hiiraan.

The SNA said that several units descended on the rural area's Abourey, Sagalged and Inamey after receiving credible information that dozens of militants were in the area.

"The operation carried out by the army in the area of Aboorey, which is 25 km (east) from Bulobure district in the Hiran region, where about 50 conspirators of terrorism were killed."

The military said that a suspected Al Shabaab member Mohamed Nasal Ilka'ase was among the dead.

MP Malik Abdalla, who accompanied SNA soldiers during the operation in Aborey, said that the local residents welcomed them.

"I am grateful that the people of Aboorey responded to President Hassan Sheikh's call to eliminate the enemy. Your government will continue to back you up. I am grateful that this district, which had been held hostage for 13 years, was liberated today from the enemy of Al-Shabaab terrorists. Somalia will triumph. God is great."

On Friday, the SNA dismissed reports that members from the elite US-trained commando unit Danab were ambushed and killed by Al Shabaab militants as "baseless" and "propaganda tactics."



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