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Over 100 Al Shabaab fighters killed during weekend operation in Middle Shabelle

Monday October 24, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Somali government said that over a hundred Al Shabaab militants were killed by security forces in the Middle Shabelle region during operations over the weekend.

In a press statement released on Monday, Somalia's Ministry of Information said that the Somali military, NISA and international partners collaborated on an operation in the Masjid Ali-Gadudd and Bur-olow, also known as Doilile. 

Security forces targeted a garage and home on Saturday during the first leg of the operation and killed 21 Al Shabaab fighters, including Abdullahi Ali Araale, an alleged leader.

Another 11 Al Shabaab members were killed and more than 30 wounded on Sunday afternoon near Masjid Ali-Gadudd town by NISA forces. 

Officials believe that security forces thwarted an al Shabaab attack with an operation targeting Al Shabaab vehicles on Sunday evening in the ​​Bur-Olow area, 10km west of Masjid Ali-Gadudd.

At 9:40 pm, a large truck packed with ammunition and militants was "attacked and neutralized." A separate vehicle packed with explosives was destroyed less than an hour later. Nine Al Shabaab members were killed in the blast, which officials said was heard over a kilometre away.

According to the Ministry of Information's statement, over a hundered Al Shabaab fighters were killed during the operation and government security forces have recovered the bodies of 33 militants.

The Somali government did not say how many of its forces, if any, were killed during the operation.

Somalia launched a military offensive in central Somalia during the late Summer with the help of local civilian militias. The Somali government said that 20 towns in Hirshabelle and Galmudug killed over 100 Al Shabaab fighters.

Al-Shabaab was established in 2006 as a local militia and pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda in 2012. It has been waging a military campaign against Somalia's internationally-backed government.



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