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Senior al Shabab leader, 13 fighters killed in Lower Shabelle region

Saturday October 8, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali National Army forces killed at least 13 al-Shabab militants, including Mohamed Nur Shire, who was in charge of the group for the Lower Shabelle region.

The commander of the 66th unit of the 14th October battalion based in the Lower Shabelle region confirmed that the militants were killed in a special security operation in the Janale district on Friday.

He added that the purpose of the operation was to prevent an attack that the group was planning to carry out in the district.

On Friday, at least 19 al-Shabab militants were killed in heavy fighting against government forces near the Basra district in Muryale, a small village between Basra and Bal'ad districts in the Middle Shabelle region.

Hassan Fanah, the intelligence commander of Mogadishu's Kahda district, and several government forces were reportedly injured in the fighting.

Government forces have intensified security operations against al-Shabab in several parts of the country, with hundreds of militants killed in the most recent operations.


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