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NISA operation in Lower Shabelle kills 21 al-Shabaab fighters

Sunday November 6, 2022

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Mogadishu (HOL) - NISA agents conducted an operation in Galka Salimow in the Middle Shabelle region on Sunday, killing 21 al-Shabaab fighters and wounding ten others, according to Somalia's Ministry of Information.

The national intelligence service reportedly launched the operation after receiving information that al-Shabaab rebels were plotting an imminent attack.

The statement added that no al-Shabaab militants survived.

"The planned operation neutralized the Khawarij members plotting to kill Somali citizens."

The Somali government claimed to have killed 200 Al-Shabaab militants in four days of military operations, albeit this figure has yet to be independently verified.

Somali government and local clan militias have successfully ousted al-Shabaab fighters from several key villages in central Somalia. The liberation campaign has successfully disrupted the group's ability to raise money through extortion and its organizational capacity.



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