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FEIT announces election for 16 Gedo seats moved from Garbaharey to Elwaq

Thursday April 14, 2022

Mogadishu (HOL) - The Federal Electoral Implementation Team (FEIT) announced on Thursday that the election of the 16 seats in Garbaharey town had been shifted to Elwaq town in the Gedo region.

The electoral commission stated that Elwaq was chosen as a communal town with safe security. They added that the commission also recognized the complaints of constituents.

The electoral commission accused the Gedo administration of barring the Electoral Commission from reaching Garbaharey and added that the election couldn't happen in Garbaharey.

But the Gedo administration has not yet commented on the decision by the commission, but it is expected that they will oppose it. In recent days, however, the Jubbaland administration has been preparing a venue in Elwak for the election of the 16 Lower House seats.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has welcomed the commission’s decision and urged Jubbaland state electoral commission and the Jubbaland State Government to fill the remaining seats immediately.

Jubbaland state government and politicians from the region who support President Farmajo have been blaming each other for the delays in the election.

The president of Jubbaland state Ahmed Mohamed Islam Ahmed Madobe, has accused President Farmajo of plotting to divide seats in Gedo. Ahmed Madobe added that he would not "bargain" for the seats in the Gedo constituency. Madobe added that Somalia would not hold elections without 16 seats in the Gedo region.


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