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A secondary school student commits suicide after failing graduation exams in Somaliland

Friday September 16, 2022

Hargeisa (HOL) - A young girl in secondary school student committed suicide in Hargeisa on Thursday after failing her year-end high school graduation exams.

Layla Abid Mohamed’s father told the media that his daughter hung herself at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday.

He added that she loved to study and was planning on enrolling in university for the academic year.

A neighbour of the deceased student's family said that Layla was heartbroken when she received her results.

"When the exam result was announced, she couldn't tolerate it because of her work ethic and discipline. She couldn't bear it and committed suicide."

Layla’s classmate asked the Ministry of Education to provide good teachers and management to the students, adding that no one would have failed the exam if the students had received suitable lessons.

According to reports, the victim came from a low-income family.

The Somaliland Ministry of Education did not comment on the incident, which is among the first of its kind in Hargeisa.


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